Automation Company Dubai

Our company Vacker UAE is an Automation Company Dubai providing different automation systems, services and support for our clients. We provide different engineering solutions and automation systems for offices, homes, hospitals, industries, etc. We use only the latest technology and focus on energy conservation and utility of our clients. We have been in this industry for more than a decade now and we are very proud to announce hundred percent satisfaction of our clients. Our services are not only limited to Dubai, but can also be accessed in different parts of UAE region such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, etc.

What is Automation?

Automation is the process of running different kinds of operations in homes, offices, industries, etc., in an automatic way. Automation system has been used by humans for a very long time and as the time has passed, the automation system has become more sophisticated. More homes and industries nowadays are using automation for running different types of systems.

Why does your home need Automation?

With the fast growing economy, people nowadays are getting busier and even a small amount of time and energy saved is money saved. The automation system in a building helps to run different systems in the building without any manual intervention. It helps in saving a person’s time and energy. Automation system helps to monitor the working of different systems in the building. The automation system helps to find different faults in a system and alert the user of the possible damage that can occur due to the system failure. Home automation also helps to ensure comfortable living conditions in the living space. The home automation system also helps to increase security of homes. There are different types of systems that we provide to increase the security of the home such as motion sensors, burglar alarms, etc. Our automation system ensures the optimum productivity of a system with minimum consumption of energy. Hence, these automation systems are also decreasing the electric bills of your home. Fire detection system is another important automated system that is helpful in protecting your life and money. Due to various advantages homes containing automation systems are also known as Smart Homes.

Industrial Automation

We provide different automation systema for different industrial processes. Different industries such as food packaging industry, glass factory, cement plants, etc., are using our automation systems for different processes. Our industrial automation has resulted in increase in productivity of the industrial plant. The labor cost and energy cost also significantly decreases due to the automation system. Different errors that can be caused due to wrong judgement of humans also reduces as the automated systems are capable of performing their operation more precisely.

Automation Company Sharjah

Our company Vacker UAE is an Automation Company Sharjah providing home and industrial automation company in Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, etc. With our highly skilled team of experts having rich experience in automation, we guarantee our clients the best Automation Systems for homes, offices and industries. Vacker UAE focuses on different engineering solutions for everyday problems of people to save energy and increase efficiency of a system.

Home Automation

Vacker UAE provides centralized automation features for different systems at homes such as lighting system, HVACR systems, security systems and many other systems. Automation has helped in increasing the efficiency, convenience and accuracy of the systems. The comfort level, security level of a living space also increases by availing automation in homes. An automated home is also known as a smart home because of the different advantages it provides. Our automation systems make you capable of controlling the systems in your homes from a remote area. You can control the systems with the help of your iPhone, iPad, PC, Laptop, etc.

Industrial Automation

We have provided different automation systems for different industries located in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, etc. Different industries such as glass factory, packaging industry, cement plants, etc. have installed our automation systems. These automation systems have effectively reduced the labor cost and energy consumption during the manufacturing process. Our automation systems have been found to reduce the errors in calculation and faults in operation during the manufacturing process. Our expert engineers will provide automation solutions according to your desire and increase effectiveness and productivity of your operating plants. Our automation system comes with fault-detection capability which can detect any kinds of faults in the operating plants and alert the user to avoid any kind of potential sustainable damage.

Examples of different automation systems we have installed

We have been working in the field of industrial automation systems for more than one decade and have successfully installed various automation systems in different industries. Some of the examples are as listed below:

  • We have installed automation system for monitoring pressure in a CNC machine. The lack of proper monitoring of the machine results in the breaking of tools due to uneven surface of the steel sheets in the CNC machine. Our automation systems can avoid the breaking of the tool by releasing it in time to avoid the damage.
  • We have provided automated shutters for different warehouses of the industries. These automated shutters are especially required for the pharmaceutical warehouse because it is important to maintain certain environmental conditions inside the warehouse. The automation system ensures that two or more doors do not remain open at the same time.
  • We also have provided automation systems for temperature control inside furnaces.

Building Automation

Vacker UAE is a leading Building Automation Industry in UAE that provides building automation system for different kinds of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Building Automation is also same as Building Management System (BMS) We have a well experienced team of building automation engineers and professionals that will provide you with the right kind of system and advices for installing the building automation system. You can easily access the services provided by Vacker UAE in different cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Building Automation

Building automation system consists of a centralized control that is capable of controlling different parameters of a living space in a building. These include heating, air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, humidity control etc. Building automation system is installed in a building to increase the comfort level in a living space, to conserve energy, increase safety level and to increase efficiency level of building systems. Different systems in the buildings such as ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, etc. are connected to a central computer for monitoring and control. Also we can connect same to internet which helps us to monitor these systems from a distant location.

Advantages of installing Building Automation System

The building that have building automation system installed in them are often referred as “intelligent building”. Such a building has many advantages over the traditional buildings. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Building automation system increases the level of comfort for the occupants in a living space.
  • A building with Building Management System decreases the energy consumption in a building. It also reduces the cost of maintaining and running a building.
  • Building automation system helps in saving time of the user.
  • A building with centralized Building automation helps in reducing faults in a system as well as detecting faults in the system.
  • Building Management System increases the safety level of a living space.
  • Building automation system helps to conserve environment as it encourages in building of multi-story green buildings.
  • Different kinds of security alarm, fire alarm etc. are also easily controlled by building automation system. The centralized Building Management System is connected to all such systems.

Parameters that are monitored by Building Automation System

There are different parameters, which we can control and monitor with the help of a building automation system. Some of the major parameters are as follows:

  • Fire and smoke alarm signals of each and every room, corridor etc.
  • Surveillance system including CCTV cameras for monitoring the entire area.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) of the whole building.
  • Gas leakage for cooking gas in a residential building, various other gases in a hospital etc.
  • Level of water in water tanks.
  • Lighting system for each and every room, corridors etc. can be centrally controlled.
  • Access to any location of a building can be controlled.

Protocols available for Building Automation System

Protocols in a building automation system are the language that is used by the different elements of the building automation system. These protocols help these elements to transmit signals among them and to the central processor. In simple terms, a protocol is the communication language between various components of a Building Management System (BMS). Different protocols that are vastly common in the building automation system are BACnet, KNX, Lonworks, Modbus, etc. Different protocols are being used by the manufacturers according to the requirement of the system. Out of these protocols KNX is an open type of protocol. Any manufacturer can make components which suit KNX protocol.

Our services in Building Management System (BMS)

We provide different types of services to our clients related to building automation or Building Management System. Some of the services regarding the building automation system that we provide are as follows:

  • We design, supply and install a building automation system. We also provide commissioning of the building automaton system.
  • We design architecture the BMS system according to the client’s demand to control the parameters of a living space.
  • We also provide best advices to our clients regarding building automation system.
  • We also help our client to select the most appropriate type of protocol for them.

Vacker UAE provides Building Management System in United Arab Emirates covering Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.