Automation Company Sharjah

Automation Company Sharjah

Our company Vacker UAE is an Automation Company Sharjah providing home and industrial automation company in Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, etc. With our highly skilled team of experts having rich experience in automation, we guarantee our clients the best Automation Systems for homes, offices and industries. Vacker UAE focuses on different engineering solutions for everyday problems of people to save energy and increase efficiency of a system.

Home Automation

Vacker UAE provides centralized automation features for different systems at homes such as lighting system, HVACR systems, security systems and many other systems. Automation has helped in increasing the efficiency, convenience and accuracy of the systems. The comfort level, security level of a living space also increases by availing automation in homes. An automated home is also known as a smart home because of the different advantages it provides. Our automation systems make you capable of controlling the systems in your homes from a remote area. You can control the systems with the help of your iPhone, iPad, PC, Laptop, etc.

Industrial Automation

We have provided different automation systems for different industries located in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, etc. Different industries such as glass factory, packaging industry, cement plants, etc. have installed our automation systems. These automation systems have effectively reduced the labor cost and energy consumption during the manufacturing process. Our automation systems have been found to reduce the errors in calculation and faults in operation during the manufacturing process. Our expert engineers will provide automation solutions according to your desire and increase effectiveness and productivity of your operating plants. Our automation system comes with fault-detection capability which can detect any kinds of faults in the operating plants and alert the user to avoid any kind of potential sustainable damage.

Examples of different automation systems we have installed

We have been working in the field of industrial automation systems for more than one decade and have successfully installed various automation systems in different industries. Some of the examples are as listed below:

  • We have installed automation system for monitoring pressure in a CNC machine. The lack of proper monitoring of the machine results in the breaking of tools due to uneven surface of the steel sheets in the CNC machine. Our automation systems can avoid the breaking of the tool by releasing it in time to avoid the damage.
  • We have provided automated shutters for different warehouses of the industries. These automated shutters are especially required for the pharmaceutical warehouse because it is important to maintain certain environmental conditions inside the warehouse. The automation system ensures that two or more doors do not remain open at the same time.
  • We also have provided automation systems for temperature control inside furnaces.

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