Process Automation

Process automation has become a must for different industries such as oil refineries, paper factories, pulp factories etc. Especially in the country like UAE where there are many oil refineries, our company Vacker UAE provides excellent and most modern type of process automation system for our clients. Our services can easily be accessed in different cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.


A Process Automation System is specially designed to control different processes in industries automatically. Different industries such as paper factories, oil refineries, pulp factories etc. have lot of continuous processes. They depend highly on process automation system to perform different kinds of operation. The main components of a process automation system are sensors, controllers, actuators and operator terminals. These components are interconnected with the help of a network designed for the process automation system. Various sensors are used for collecting data. These data are processes by a central computer. Then this computer gives various types of commands to carry out different types of instructions. This is the basis of a process automation.

Process Automation in industry

The process automation system is used nearly in almost all types of industries in modern era. Process automation system increases the efficiency and safety level in different industries such as mining, paper, cement etc. with the use of software engineering and computer technology. Any process, which has a continuous operation, can be thus automated.

Process Automation System and Output Efficiency

Process automation systems are helpful in determining the best settings for the production equipment. It is capable of monitoring the performance values and quality of production automatically with minimum manual intervention. Absence of process automation system results in unsafe working environment and inefficiency of the working plant.

Process automation monitors different kinds of factors during the functioning of the plant such as temperatures, pressure etc. with the help of several sensors installed in different location of the plant. The different data is collected in a computer and analyzed which helps to get the best setting and control of the equipment. Such a system increases efficiency by huge ratio and reduces chances of human errors.

Process Automation and Energy Efficiency

The major demand of factory owners throughout the whole world is a system, which can deliver highest level of efficiency with the minimum consumption of energy. This is helpful in not only saving money but also conserving the environment. The energy cost of industries may hold 30 to 50 percent of total cost of production and hence it becomes more important to find an energy efficient system for such industries. Examples of industries with high percentage of energy cost are oil industries, gas industries, petrochemical industries etc.

The process automation system is installed with a computer program that is capable of controlling different operational systems to get the optimum efficiency in the plant. The software is capable of learning and predicting trends and hence is very unique from other software. It helps to maintain the operational speed of different equipment, which results in optimum efficiency and least energy consumption.

Major blocks in a Process Automation System are as follows:

  • Micro controllers
  • Micro computers
  • Micro processors
  • Multi processors
  • Analog and digital I\O modules
  • Remote terminal units

Industrial Automation

The introduction of automation system in industries have changed and revolutionized the working process in the industries. The automation system has not only reduced the cost of the production but also has made it more efficient and safe. Vacker UAE is one of the leading industrial automation companies working successfully over the past several years. We provide our automation services all over UAE especially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.

Introduction to Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is the use of different automated system in industrial applications. Even robots and automatic machineries need industrial automation to conduct different processes in the industries. Generally, different processes include manufacturing of product, quality control, packaging and other different processes related to material handling. Different industries such as cement factories, glass factories, food processing, metal industries, furnaces etc. are using our industrial automation system to enhance the efficiency of their plants. Different kinds of processes that we perform are:

  • Process automation, which are for automating various processes in any industry.
  • PLC programming solutions for controlling any sort of application, which needs some controls.
  • PLC automation using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

Advantages of using Industrial Automation System of Vacker UAE

  • An Industrial automation system reduces manual interaction at various stages of the operation.
  • It decreases the consumption of energy which helps to save valuable money of the industry.
  • Industrial automation system helps to remove error caused by the human worker.
  • It increases the safety level in an industry thus creating a suitable working environment.
  • An automated industrial system helps to decrease the necessity of human involvement in different process, which results in lower labor costs.
  • An automated system hugely helps to increase the rate of production.
  • Introduction automation system helps to perform tasks that could not be possible manually.
  • It also helps to replace human work force in a dangerous environment such as high temperature or highly radioactive environment.

Industrial Automation System implemented by us

  • We provide different industrial automation system to control temperature of a furnace in your industrial plants.
  • We have provided over height detection systems as part of industrial automation system to detect moving objects of a certain height. This is achieved through a PLC Automation system.
  • We also implemented interlocked door automation system for pharmaceutical warehouse. Our automation processes of shutters are very useful for such warehouses. We understand that temperature control is a critical process in the pharmaceutical warehouse. Hence, we provide automation systems that helps to keep the temperature of such location under control.
  • For steel industries, we provide industrial automation process that can control the operations of a CNC machine. This helps to remove uneven surfaces of steel sheets that are fed on a CNC machine.
  • We also provide automated exhaust fan system for removing Carbon Monoxide as part of CO monitoring system.

Some examples of other PLC Automation Systems provided by us

  • Material handling and automatic loading in vehicles in cement plants including automation of conveyor belts.
  • Automation system in ghee packaging process for filling ghee in tins and sealing the lids.
  • Automation of gates with the help of PLC automation in industrial environments.
  • Machine automation system for automating operation of machines in a factory.

Many industries use automation systems to automate various machines, which is known as machine automation system. Different machines use machine automation system such as bottle plant machines, packaging machines, CNC machines etc.

Every modern machine nowadays consists of automation. We can take an automation machine that is widely used throughout the world in packaging machine used for filling juice as an example. It performs various automated tasks some of which we explain as follows:

  • Firstly, the empty juice bottles have to be loaded into the rollers.
  • The juice bottles are moved by automated system through the rails.
  • Juice is flown into the dispensing valves by automated system.
  • The functioning and time period of the dispensing valves are also automated so that the filling takes place as per the desired quantity.
  • Putting the bottle caps in the juice bottles.

Vacker UAE provides various advanced industrial automation systems through the entire United Arab Emirates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, etc., and also nearby countries in the Middle East.

Building Automation

Vacker UAE is a leading Building Automation Industry in UAE that provides building automation system for different kinds of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Building Automation is also same as Building Management System (BMS) We have a well experienced team of building automation engineers and professionals that will provide you with the right kind of system and advices for installing the building automation system. You can easily access the services provided by Vacker UAE in different cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Building Automation

Building automation system consists of a centralized control that is capable of controlling different parameters of a living space in a building. These include heating, air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, humidity control etc. Building automation system is installed in a building to increase the comfort level in a living space, to conserve energy, increase safety level and to increase efficiency level of building systems. Different systems in the buildings such as ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, etc. are connected to a central computer for monitoring and control. Also we can connect same to internet which helps us to monitor these systems from a distant location.

Advantages of installing Building Automation System

The building that have building automation system installed in them are often referred as “intelligent building”. Such a building has many advantages over the traditional buildings. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Building automation system increases the level of comfort for the occupants in a living space.
  • A building with Building Management System decreases the energy consumption in a building. It also reduces the cost of maintaining and running a building.
  • Building automation system helps in saving time of the user.
  • A building with centralized Building automation helps in reducing faults in a system as well as detecting faults in the system.
  • Building Management System increases the safety level of a living space.
  • Building automation system helps to conserve environment as it encourages in building of multi-story green buildings.
  • Different kinds of security alarm, fire alarm etc. are also easily controlled by building automation system. The centralized Building Management System is connected to all such systems.

Parameters that are monitored by Building Automation System

There are different parameters, which we can control and monitor with the help of a building automation system. Some of the major parameters are as follows:

  • Fire and smoke alarm signals of each and every room, corridor etc.
  • Surveillance system including CCTV cameras for monitoring the entire area.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) of the whole building.
  • Gas leakage for cooking gas in a residential building, various other gases in a hospital etc.
  • Level of water in water tanks.
  • Lighting system for each and every room, corridors etc. can be centrally controlled.
  • Access to any location of a building can be controlled.

Protocols available for Building Automation System

Protocols in a building automation system are the language that is used by the different elements of the building automation system. These protocols help these elements to transmit signals among them and to the central processor. In simple terms, a protocol is the communication language between various components of a Building Management System (BMS). Different protocols that are vastly common in the building automation system are BACnet, KNX, Lonworks, Modbus, etc. Different protocols are being used by the manufacturers according to the requirement of the system. Out of these protocols KNX is an open type of protocol. Any manufacturer can make components which suit KNX protocol.

Our services in Building Management System (BMS)

We provide different types of services to our clients related to building automation or Building Management System. Some of the services regarding the building automation system that we provide are as follows:

  • We design, supply and install a building automation system. We also provide commissioning of the building automaton system.
  • We design architecture the BMS system according to the client’s demand to control the parameters of a living space.
  • We also provide best advices to our clients regarding building automation system.
  • We also help our client to select the most appropriate type of protocol for them.

Vacker UAE provides Building Management System in United Arab Emirates covering Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.