Process Automation

Process automation has become a must for different industries such as oil refineries, paper factories, pulp factories etc. Especially in the country like UAE where there are many oil refineries, our company Vacker UAE provides excellent and most modern type of process automation system for our clients. Our services can easily be accessed in different cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.


A Process Automation System is specially designed to control different processes in industries automatically. Different industries such as paper factories, oil refineries, pulp factories etc. have lot of continuous processes. They depend highly on process automation system to perform different kinds of operation. The main components of a process automation system are sensors, controllers, actuators and operator terminals. These components are interconnected with the help of a network designed for the process automation system. Various sensors are used for collecting data. These data are processes by a central computer. Then this computer gives various types of commands to carry out different types of instructions. This is the basis of a process automation.

Process Automation in industry

The process automation system is used nearly in almost all types of industries in modern era. Process automation system increases the efficiency and safety level in different industries such as mining, paper, cement etc. with the use of software engineering and computer technology. Any process, which has a continuous operation, can be thus automated.

Process Automation System and Output Efficiency

Process automation systems are helpful in determining the best settings for the production equipment. It is capable of monitoring the performance values and quality of production automatically with minimum manual intervention. Absence of process automation system results in unsafe working environment and inefficiency of the working plant.

Process automation monitors different kinds of factors during the functioning of the plant such as temperatures, pressure etc. with the help of several sensors installed in different location of the plant. The different data is collected in a computer and analyzed which helps to get the best setting and control of the equipment. Such a system increases efficiency by huge ratio and reduces chances of human errors.

Process Automation and Energy Efficiency

The major demand of factory owners throughout the whole world is a system, which can deliver highest level of efficiency with the minimum consumption of energy. This is helpful in not only saving money but also conserving the environment. The energy cost of industries may hold 30 to 50 percent of total cost of production and hence it becomes more important to find an energy efficient system for such industries. Examples of industries with high percentage of energy cost are oil industries, gas industries, petrochemical industries etc.

The process automation system is installed with a computer program that is capable of controlling different operational systems to get the optimum efficiency in the plant. The software is capable of learning and predicting trends and hence is very unique from other software. It helps to maintain the operational speed of different equipment, which results in optimum efficiency and least energy consumption.

Major blocks in a Process Automation System are as follows:

  • Micro controllers
  • Micro computers
  • Micro processors
  • Multi processors
  • Analog and digital I\O modules
  • Remote terminal units