IoT Company in UAE

Vacker UAE is a very well-known company in UAE that provides products and services related to IoT i.e. Internet of Things. IoT has a huge impact on the living standard of people living in UAE. It has contributed to the enhancement in living standard, conservation of energy and increase in safety level in UAE. Our products and services can be found in different cities of UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, etc.

Introduction of Internet of Things (IoT)

An Internet of Things (IoT) system is an interconnection of various kinds of devices. A certain kind of internet network is established between different physical devices such as vehicles, cars, phones, buildings, etc. With the help of software, all these components communicate each other. They all communicate each other constantly to achieve various synchronized activities. Such type of network between these items is known as Internet of Things or IoT. It is known to be the very base of modern information society. Internet of things helps the devices to share information and data among themselves and do not require any human interference in the process. One such example of internet of things is the implantation of microchip in animals that locates the animal for a research program. These devices are given a unique IP address which helps the researchers to locate the animals whenever they want.

Advantages of IoT

There are various advantages of IoT and various fields in which IoT is implied. For example IoT is used in homes, hospitals, research centers etc.

1. Internet of Things (IoT for Smart homes)

IoT has led to the development of smart homes from the traditional home. IoT has increased the effectiveness by which a house owner can control different factors of the house. Due to the development of IoT, we can now control the lighting system, air conditioning system, etc. even from a very far place form the house. People can turn on the lights in the house and turn them off as required with the help of his or her smart phones from a remote place. They even can do surveillance of different parts of the house in their smart phone. Now people don’t have to worry about the burglary in house while going away for vacation as he/she can constantly monitor their house from far away. IoT not only has helped to increase comfort level but it has also helped to save energy and time. Automatic opening door, charging of phone without wire etc. are also other examples of IoT.

2. IoT for Industries

IoT has modified the working process of the industries in a great way. Due to use of IoT industries are now able to manufacture large amounts of products in less time with less manpower. The automobile industries are using 4G in vehicles which allow the user to stay connected with his/her vehicle with the help of a smart phone. The taxi drivers in UAE use it to find out route of certain location, traffic jams etc. The IoT is expected to expand more and more in the coming years e.g. vehicle to vehicle.

3. IoT for Hospitals

The sectors all over the world has benefitted with the use of IoT. IoT has established easy access to the hospitals for the people. It also has helped in lowering the health care cost. The health of a patient can easily be monitored by the health care professionals even if the patient stays at home and performs his daily duties independently. It helps us to remain updated with different kinds of factors in our body such as blood pressure, glucose level in blood etc.

4. Retail Sector

IoT has a huge advantage in retail sector. It helps the people working in retail sector remain updated regarding supply chains, customer demand, new products etc. People can analyze the staff performance, sales, market values etc. with the help of IoT. This helps them to increase their business in an effective way.

5. Research Centers

IoT is used in different research segments. As already discussed before, the microchip in location locator is an example of IoT, which helps researcher to study various behaviors of animals. Researchers also use IoT to study different factors of environment such as temperature change, global warming, climate pattern, etc.

Vacker UAE provides various IoT solutions in the entire UAE covering Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.